How we help make privacy compliance easier
Powered by Google’s advanced AI technologies, the Checks platform helps make privacy compliance simpler and more efficient with features that provide relevant recommendations to help you turn insights into action.
Automated analysis and end-to-end monitoring
Help with your Google Play Data safety section

Checks’ Store Disclosure Creation tool helps identify what information you may need to declare for Google Play’s Data safety section. Checks’ Store Disclosure Monitoring tool alerts you when something has changed, possibly requiring you to make an update to what you’ve already declared in your Google Play’s Data safety form.

Check if your privacy policy needs to be updated

Compliance Monitoring analyzes your privacy policy to identify any potential compliance issues with app store requirements and applicable regulations such as GDPR, COPPA, CCPA, and LGPD, and provides clear, actionable insights to guide your next steps.

Understand your apps’ data collection & sharing behavior

Our Data Monitoring feature monitors multiple channels of data collection and sharing, including with SDKs, via in-app permissions, and to external sites. For iOS developers, Data Monitoring will help you see what your customers may see in their App Privacy Report.

Keep all your privacy stakeholders informed

Findings are presented in simple language with supporting evidence and regulatory links so everyone on your team, from the most technical to your legal experts and everyone in between, is equipped with the information needed to determine how best to take action.

Get email alerts when Checks notices a change

We know that SDKs can change their functionality at any time and you might not be aware. Checks can help keep you informed by emailing you when we detect your app may be sending information to a new URL, even if it’s through an SDK. You can also choose to receive email notifications anytime we flag new potential Privacy Policy compliance issues.