Summary of changes:
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Main Changes implemented on November 1, 2023

  • Our Terms of Service are now easier to read and better organized to make information easier to find.
  • We’ve added new provisions to clarify your responsibilities regarding the content you use with Checks, the rights and authorizations you grant Google and any third-party vendors it uses to provide the Checks service, our use of third-party links, and the accuracy of the content on Checks. These can be found in Section 2.
  • We’ve clarified how we’ll handle legal or regulatory requests for your Checks analysis in Section 4.
  • We’ve updated our billing provisions in Section 5 around the use of payment accounts, changing subscription tiers, other payment processing methods, and tax responsibilities.
  • We’ve clarified how you can reach us if you ever have questions about the Terms of Service or Checks generally.

Main Changes implemented on September 26, 2022

  • Section 5.4 has been updated to allow for additional subscription periods and payment options.
  • Section 6.1 has been updated to clarify the scope of Google's Intellectual Property rights.
  • Section 7 has been updated to clarify Check's privacy policy.